The Beauty of Nostalgia!!

January 22, 2009

In Every Adult, I believe there is a heart of a child that still beats..However weak our memory may be,beautiful moments back in the past will always remain in the mind. Sometimes we think we were too young and too immature at that age and start believing what we live now is the only way of life.Many of us try not to look behind because it makes us long for all the times we had then and make us feel emotional. Many of us who’ ve had a terrible past try
and run so hard to forget everything and move on.
Others who believe in the ever- changing world keep changing their opinions and attitude and blame it on Change, as ” Change is the only thing that never changes”. Only some of us, go back to where we belong. We believe that we have to sacrifice everything to reach our career goal. We enter a world which is too fast and difficult that we hardly have time for anything. But Sooner or later we will find that it is not where we belong.We know for ourselves who we are though we ‘ve come a long long way. But sometimes after traversing so long, we might like to stop and turn behind. We might like to recollect beautiful moments. But we fear that if we give way to Nostalgia,
we will become weak. We convince ourselves that the So called Practical life that we lead now is the only thing that is real.We fail to recognise the beauty of Nostalgia. We are emotional at heart but we try hard to cover up because we think it is something to worry about.
Everyone of us will have a part of life which is filled with happiness and love. We all would have wanted to stay like that forever. But the feeling that we are never gonna go back to those times make us feel heavy though we cherish the times we’ve had. Sometimes we feel like goin back to the old school or college and sit in the stone bench and close our eyes to see ourselves smiling ever-happily with our closest friends. We might even try to get back the same feeling that we once felt inside our heart.It might be accompanied by a drop of tear from the eyes. We usually have strange thoughts. One way we would be very happy to cherish the beauty of past. In the other way we think that the past will haunt us. But if you believe that Past is the only
thing that is real because we never had a better time after that, revisiting is the best way to rejuvenate our heart. We might have a beautiful present or probably a better future. But I feel we
must never fail to stop and recollect the golden memories. We all have a child still yearning for things that we ourselves refuse to give us for no particular reason. I hope we open up to identify
this part of us and try being what we really wanna be..


Now…. and Forever!!!

June 13, 2008

I am waiting for the day when I’ll hold your hands and

walk in the lonely road as the flowers falling from the autumn trees

greet us.. My heart full of love and my eyes watching your lips

to listen to the most sweetest voice. Now your eyes look

into mine telling me how much you trust me…

I ll do anything to watch this Beautiful Smile on my Angel’s face ,

As your words heal the wounds in my heart magically,

My heart wants to stay lost in that moment forever and ever!!!!!

Make your Own Destiny!!!

May 31, 2008

Is this wat I am gonna be left with????
Memories filled with pain and my heart so weak….
Sadly, I close my eyes and think about the incessant journey…
Where had it all Begun?? Where did I start and wat was my dream?
As every little boy used to dream in his fantasy world, So did I….
But It was too late before I could realise that this is not my fantasy world…
At first it seemed as if I dint work and failure struck me hard…
But Then I started working hard and yet flunked as I committed mistakes…
Everyone is bound to make mistakes. there is no harm in it unless you fail to correct them.I too started correcting mistakes and worked really hard but still coudnt make it..When I analysed I gave an excuse That I was inexperienced…It was too late before I could gain experience by missing out on opportunities till then.. but at one point of time, I was tired of losing and my confidence was drowning.. That was the time I really wanted to reach the top… I was desperate to win.. Opportunity dint just knock my door but it invited me to rise to the occasion… I gave my best shot but Still failed… Wat was the reason??? Was it my Ill luck???
There were no answers and no excuses as I was shattered with disbelief….
I dint seize THAT particular moment.. Eveytime I fell just short of that thin victory line…
Why is that I Go so close to winning but let my chance just slip away at the final instant?
I decided to quit out of shame . I asked myself…. Where Am I gonna go???
Am I gonna escape from the Daunting past?? Definitely No…..
I decided to go on…. What was the reason?? Because I had no other option…
I started off yet again but I was steadfast and calm this time…
I was told not to expect much and just keep going…
I knew my performance had gone down with time, Yet I believed something was in store for me. Consolations was what I got and it made me little happy as I realised my efforts dint go in vain… These feelings were only momentory but I believed it mooted my confidence..
I had grown along with my confidence to witness the BIGGEST opportunities of my life right in front of my eyes. I had already learnt various things through my experiences.. I was accompanied with those magnificent ppl who motivated me to perform my best..
Inspite of every single positive aspect I failed yet again just like the old times… It was followed by a series of consequitive blows which made me starve for confidence…
Ppl have their distinct ways of commenting about my failures …..
And there were these ppl who had sailed to the victory line with sheer luck
but misunderstood that it was just because of their brilliance that they could manage to end up being successsful even without having to work much…
These ppl looked down upon me with sheer grief and patted on my back…
They Adviced …”U could have done much better.. Work harder from now on!!”
I was torn apart… I sat down and smiled to reassure that I am not gonna give up.. Perseverance was the golden word…. I have to keep reminding myself those moments… Thanks to those painful incidents which had moulded my attitude to perfection…
Now I Realised that life was a wild wild Race with the stakes that sure are immeasurable… There is no meaning in this journey until the Destiny is reached… And After traversing this long, It would mean worthless to settle down for a normal goal…
As I have seen ppl who had fought hard to reach the zenith of excellence ….
I became more desirous and passionate to win the WAR……
The Astounding fact that suprises me is that OPPORTUNITIES are flooded around… I donot regret to have missed out the greatest opportunities in the past. The reason being that It had inculcated in me the ability to dream BIG..
I might be burnt from within if I never reach my final destination
but I surely feel that THE CHALLENGE is prodigious!!!!!!!!!!!!!